ZONE 5 Summer Meeting at Windsor Wight Ruritan Club 2019 August 13 

Lt. Gov. Tim Rife called the meeting to order; “America” was sung by all, and a prayer was offered by Windsor Secretary, Rev. Sam Askew. 

There were representatives of 5 of the 8 clubs in Zone 5, a quorum, and a total of 9 participants. Lt. Gov. Tim thanked Windsor Club for hosting and for an abundance of tasty finger food. 

The Walters Club was recognized for its 70th anniversary, chartered in 1949, although none of their members was present. This evening conflicted with a monthly Bingo night fundraiser. Gov. Jim is to contact Ruritan National to ask the actual charter date. 

Highlights of club briefings 

Carrollton: (1) successful yard sale August 3 made somewhat more than $1000 for teacher recognition at Carrollton Elementary, (2) awarded 5 scholarships, total $4200, (3) June member meeting program on adoption and foster care included Ruritan National President Larry and First Lady Nelda Cassell as well as Del. Emily Brewer, (4) upcoming fish fry 1st Sat November 2 

Carrsville: (1) Trade & Treasures yard sale made about $2000 including a 50:50 raffle, (2) scholarships, (3) teacher of the year gift card and teacher appreciation donuts, (4) upcoming butt sale in November 

Isle of Wight: (1) recent member meeting was a public service recognition night attended by Sheriff Clark who, with the Club awarded Deputy of the year, (2) three scholarships $1000 each, (3) upcoming picnic with guests and potential future members, (4) upcoming County Fair food booth and regular November fundraiser of Brunswick stew. 

Windsor: (1) May, a successful pig pickin’ and raffle, (2) July 4 town fireworks and hot dogs, (3) upcoming Boys & Girls State report, (3) special parent-child (and grandparents) meeting night. 

Zuni: (1) scholarship, (2) upcoming sausage sale in November, (3) recently voted to introduce women members but “struggling” with member retention and recruiting. 

Nomination and Election, incoming Zone 5 leadership. 

Lt. Gov. Tim Rife to become Gov. in 2020. 

Nomination for incoming Lt. Gov. 

Jeff Scott, currently President of Smithfield RC, was nominated by Gov. Jim after they talked earlier this week. Jeff Scott was elected by acclamation

Lt. Gov Tim Rife called attention to agenda items that reminded clubs to (1) complete and report club nominations and elections by Oct 1 to both District and to National. Also due by Oct 1 are (2) Community service reports, (3) Guest/New members/sponsor for 3 quarters, and (4) Rudy Bear Youth. 

Tim also noted that the Holland District Foundation again gave a $600 scholarship to a Ruritan Youth member. Gov. Jim is also a Board member of the Holland District Foundation. He added that the award was made to youth member Morgan Hunter Ward of Driver RC. Hunter, an Eagle Scout and troop leader, is currently in summer training at the US Coast Guard Academy before entering Marion Military Academy for a year before entering the USCG Academy. 

New Business. Billy Bell of IoW RC and Zone 5 Treasurer reported a balance of $551.66, and that the account has been dormant. The last check was written in 2014, one of several annual donations to Thomas Woods RC before the group home was disbanded. Billy has had to ask the bank several times to drop charges for account inactivity. He moved that the balance be paid to the Holland District Foundation, the account closed, and no longer a need for a Treasurer. Gov. Jim noted in discussion that the Foundation will recognize Zone 5 as a $500 “Tournament Sponsor” in 2020. The motion was approved unanimously. 

Gov. Jim gave a summary about the HD Foundation and its scholarship and contributions that augment what clubs in the District: $600 each to Western Tidewater Free Clinic, Suffolk Meals on Wheels, Foodbank of SE VA, Franklin Ministries, renewed Bland Highway Marker (50% share with Bland family, first Ruritan National President), and Youth Camp expenses 

Lt. Gov Tim Rife led the Pledge and then adjourned the meeting. 

Notes submitted by Jim Henderson, Zone Governor 2018 and 2019 (outgoing) with Tim Rife, Lt. Governor (2018 partial year and 2019)