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Ruritan – George’s Little Book — Club Members and Success (2013 January)

by George Winslow, Ruritan past National President 2003 and members of Carrollton and Possum Hollow and other Ruritan Clubs of that time.

This is one booklet in a series of George ‘s Little Books intended augment publications of Ruritan National
The objective of booklets is to help readers to be better Ruritans who support better Ruritan Clubs.
This booklet is about the founding in April 17, 1928 (Founders Day), how a successful club works, explains what Ruritan means in its Latin roots.  This book is a combined works of many successful clubs of the Ruritan at the time.  These are things that still work today if you think of them in modern terms.  This is a book that can be helpfull to your organization.

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This is Georges Little Book, Members and Success.