Holland District Ruritans

Fellowship. Goodwill. Community Service.

In 1930 Ruritan Clubs established Ruritan National as the unifying body for all Ruritan Clubs.

Ruritan National is a non-profit, incorporated association of Ruritan Clubs and Club Members in the USA.


The Bylaws of Ruritan National empowers the National Board of Directors to divide geographical areas having Ruritan Clubs into Districts or Areas.

A “Ruritan District” is 20 or more Ruritan Clubs located in a geographical area determined by the Board of Directors as suitable for effective work and service.

A District Cabinet and District Officers implement the policies and programs of Ruritan National by assisting the Clubs and organizing new Clubs.

A “Ruritan Area” is a wide geographical area established by the Board of Directors where the number of Ruritan Clubs is not sufficient to create a Ruritan District.


Ruritan Clubs within a District may be grouped by the District Cabinet into such divisions as the Cabinet deems advisable for effective work and service,

provided notice is given to the Executive Director of Ruritan National. These divisions are “Ruritan Zones”, which are supervised by Zone Governors;

and also Lt Zone Governors if so determined by the District Cabinet.

Zone and Lt Zone Governors are either appointed by the District Governor or elected by the Zone Clubs, as determined by the District Cabinet.