Holland District Ruritans

Fellowship. Goodwill. Community Service.

Born: November 11, 1980

Died: June 30, 1951


Ruritan National

  • National President – 1940
  • National Vice President – 1939
  • National Director – 1938
  • He printed The Ruritan News from 1935 until 1947 when the format changed to a magazine.


Prince George Club

  • President
  • Member 


  • University of Minnesota Graduate



Professional Experience

  • Editor of ‘Boys Life’, the official Boy Scout Magazine
  • New York Sun reporter
  • New York Times reporter
  • Lapeer County Press
    • Owner
    • He made it one of Michigan’s leading weeklies
  • Southside Virginia News
    • Owner & Champion of community progress
    • President & Editor for 23 years.


  • For his work as President of Ruritan National, he was selected as the ‘Man of the Year’ by the Progressive Farmer Magazine.  Ruritans who knew his work said he gave Ruritan more favorable publicity than any other single individual during his membership.


[Source:  The Ruritan Saga – A History of the First Fifty Years of Ruritan by Robert H. Bailey, Russell Burgess & H.M. (Kit) Shaver, Jr. © 1983]