Holland District Ruritans

Fellowship. Goodwill. Community Service.

Hickory Club Contacts


President- Andrea Mercer – Email

Responsible for overseeing the club activities and chairing both the board and business meetings.*

Vice President- Margaret Lemaster – Email

Responsible for overseeing the club objective committees (environment, social development, patriotism, citizenship, etc…) and fills in in the absence of the President.*

Secretary- Jessica “Chessie” Folan – Email

Responsible for maintaining all files, records, membership, and supplies for the club.*

Treasurer- Frederick McKenna – Email

Responsible for maintaining and managing all financial accounts and membership dues.*



Information Technology– Troy Johnson – Email

Responsible for implementing, supporting, and exploring new technologies to support the lodge’s operations, development, and expansion.

Club Volunteer Coordinator for Events– First and Last Name – Email; Please email Club Secretary and they can add you to a list of club volunteers, he will then put you in contact with the person assigning people to tasks at each event.



JanuaryCraft night– Gail Johnson – Email

September- Event Name – Email 

OctoberEvent Name – Email 

NovemberEvent Name – Email 

DecemberEvent Name – Email