Holland District Ruritans

Fellowship. Goodwill. Community Service.

Click here for the New Member Form for use in the nomination of members to the Club. Club Membership:  Members are encouraged to invite their friends, neighbors, and family members to a business meeting as a prospective new member…let them see first-hand what we Ruritans do for our community and local area and to meet the members of our Club.  If your guest(s) wants to become a Ruritan, the “Invitation to Ruritan Membership” form needs to be filled out and submitted to the Board of Directors; the sponsor for the membership application is to bring the application to the Board Meeting.  If the Board recommends the membership application be approved, the application is taken before the membership at the following business meeting for approval.  If approved by the membership, the new member is installed as a new member and given their National Ruritan pin, Club hat, Ruritan apron, and a folder with Club Roster and Club Meeting/Event Schedule.  Afterwards within a week, the new member receives a Club orientation which provides everything a member needs to know about Ruritan and the Club.