Holland District Ruritans

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Fellow Ruritans,

We received 7 scholarship applications which was 1 more than last year’s.  The Committee met on 14 March and evaluated each application in which the five (5) highest scores receive our five scholarships.  The highest score receives our $2,000 Mary Anderson Harrison Memorial Scholarship while the others receive $1,500.

Letters congratulating the recipients and announcement to Prince George High School have been sent.  Students and their parents/guardians were invited to our April business meeting to be recognized by our membership and to receive their scholarship certificates.  Scholarship checks will be sent to the colleges upon receipt of an acceptance letter with the student’s ID number.

The five recipients of this year’s Club scholarships are:

$2,000 Mary Anderson Harrison Memorial Scholarship:  Maya Naim (PGHS)

$1,500 Morris Clements Memorial Scholarship:  Alexsandra Smith (PGHS)

$1,500 Dylan Brockwell Memorial Scholarship:  Samuel Gensler (PGHS)

$1,500 Tommy Brockwell Memorial Scholarship:  Reginald Bell (PGHS)

$1,500 Clarence Hayes Memorial Scholarship:  Christian Philpot (Home Schooled)

It is noted there were no applications from any Governor’s School students in which we had one Prince George Co. scholarship recipient in 2022 and one in 2023.  A scholarship packet was sent to the Governor’s School last December.

A big thanks to my Scholarship Committee members John Suitt, Biff Riggan, and Mike Gormley for doing a spectacular job for making our Scholarship Program one of the best in the area.


All take care,


Club Scholarship Chair

Rod “Moosie” Mustanski