Holland District Ruritans

Fellowship. Goodwill. Community Service.

At our Monthly Board Meeting, on 11 March 2024, the Executive Director from the John Randolph Foundation (JRF), came out to visit us.  They are known for the grants, scholarships, awards and endowments that they give out, with thanks to their many generous donors.

The JRF was initially established in 1991 as a supporting organization to the John Randolph Medical Center, a non-profit hospital at the time. In 1995, the Medical Center was sold to Columbia/HCA, a for-profit corporation, and the Foundation became a separate, nonprofit organization. The proceeds from the sale were given to the Foundation to establish an endowment, Their Health Legacy Fund, which has grown steadily under their prudent investment policies.

Through the generosity of their donors, JRF manages 106 charitable funds for a variety of causes and has invested over $26 million in the community through grants and over $2.4 million in scholarships since 1995.

While here they provided us a grant for the purchase of an Automated Electronic Defibrillator.  This will be used at the club for all functions to have ready in case of an emergency.  We would like thank them publicly for their donation to this cause.